Sunday, December 9, 2007

Belinda called me - apparently it was an emergency..bloody slut. She got home from a friend's 21st and then Fredie rocked up at the nicke time, so she got into fredie's car and went and rooted him. Apparently, he loves to give her head. Bitch. But she doesn't want to c him anymore. She was freaking out cos she didn't let her parents know she had left, so her poor mum sat up all night and morning waiting for her to come back safely home. B was bitching about how i am worse than her, cos i always used her as an alistairlbi when i was out rooting and mum was looking for me. Ahaha. She was talking about how you told me in an email that your last root was with "boy who thought he was a gorilla" and your last kiss was with his brother.
Don't feel like a slut
about anthony and fabio (love their names) cos Belinda also hooked up (didn't have sex with though) with fredie's brother, will. (You met him at Southbank remember)?
You shouldn't hate the fact that you have developed a very useful skill:
being able to detach yourself emotionally
after hooking up with someone.
# especially if its with someone who just wants to fuck. and use your beautiful body


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