Sunday, December 9, 2007

The only thing that's been getting action lately is my finger and best friend i like to call clitoris. I want sex but then when i get a chance to hook up, germaine greer just keeps reciting all her quotes to me over and over again in the back of my head. But on the other hand, there has not been any 'real' connection with anyone. But it doesn't bother me, as long as i continue to keep myself aroused (ahaha) - watching what i like to call michellet porn - the only sex scene in the notebook on dvd. ahah.
Did you not get my email tellilng you that i had killed him off. I'm not going to say his name - except in my fantasies. (wink). But totally over that guy. (Althought I'm really not). But I'm trying to work with laws of attraction which claim that when you focus on what you do want, you attract them. So now if i tell mysefl that i dnt want 'him' then i will reduce my bodily longing for that penis.
You know what...if men didn't have penises, then we wouldnt care they existed. That's a theory that has been produced by my hours procrastinating.
I was with Karo on Saturday and called your place, no answer. So knew you were doing you thing - either with the kids or having a quickie with either anthony, or tahe (his cousin).


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