Sunday, December 9, 2007

hey it's me again....well i finally caught up with joseph yesterday and the day before after months of not seeing each other. well i didn't get much fresh news out of him. only that Alan was with Melissa then broke up with her when John came back. But i saw them together 2 or 3 days ago.......? Plus joseph said he's (alan) turned GOTH!?!?!? his hair is totally freaky...and the way he dresses up!!!! Oh Plus that Chris is now known as a male whore!!! hahahaha....... Nicoleherine told me that lola was coming back at the end of this month or next so you'll probably be here. Are you comng back for good or just a holiday? I think I've got a position as sales rep at The it's all good...... I gotta go back in at 2:30pm today...... Hey i finally got that motorola phone i always wanted...and in pink too!!!! I bought from top video...when i walked in they said it was the only one left and i was like it must be a sign from God!!!Anyways back to joseph.....after seeing him only two days he sent me a txt last nite asking if he could borrow my mini shorts, roxy top, belt, bag and wallet for alexia's birthday on saturday. I said sorry all my hashishff is at north efate. good to know he hasn't changed a bit.went to see my dad today and he gave me these shoes that bev got me in OZ......3 pairs so i was happy for my new shoes.....i have to reconcile with her my dad says.....i told him i'm only doing it for you and for no-one's killing me that he has to suffer everyday because we can't get along.....i guess one of us should get off our high horse and say sorry.......


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